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I’m Lisa, a Visual Designer based in Perth, Australia

Before Storytelling Designs came into existence, I worked as Graphic and Web Designer in the non-profit and private sectors. Most recently, I was engaged as a Visual Design Consultant in the User Experience (UX) space, designing User Interfaces (UIs) for some of Australia’s largest oil & gas, retail, automobile and finance industries. You can check out my LinkedIn profile here!

At the start of 2023, I thought about what it would look like for me to have more autonomy and control not just over my own time, but also the freedom of not being bound by location (alongside my not-so-secret desire to live and work remotely on a cruise ship).

Starting a small business in a small market like Perth is terrifying (I’m not particularly adept at taking risks in case you can’t tell 😉 ), but like they say, no time like the present!

As an everyday human, when I’ve had need for a service (like a handyman, a plumber, etc), I’ve googled businesses to no end, trying to figure out which ones had the best reviews alongside good vibes, and these businesses usually had a human experience element to them – like a story they told somewhere, someplace, that gave me an insight to who they were beyond the services they offered. It gave me the assurance to engage with them.

As a designer, I want to bring my experience across to those who may google your business – I want them to find the human experience when they find you online by telling them your story and giving them a feel of who you are, what you have to offer, and what they can expect when they work with you.

And there you have it – the story of how Storytelling Designs came to be.

Other Skills


Print + Digital + UI Design

From logos to annual report covers to stickers or even wireframes for an app – you name it, I’ve probably designed it.


Social Media/Marketing

Covering the end-to-end process from creating a strategy/plan, designing the visuals to writing content.



Having good attention to detail means I’ve thrived in previous roles as an Office Manager and admin superstar!


Workshop Facilitation

I am a certified LUMA Facilitator, which encompasses my love for Design Thinking and facilitating workshops

Unlock the power of visual storytelling – work with me now!

Interweaving stories with design, together with great service and reliability.
Based in Perth, Western Australia.

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